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Join the Indigenous Marathon Foundation's 42 Club


As a supporter of the Indigenous Marathon Project (IMP), a key program of the Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF), we invite you to become a member of the IMF 42 Club.


The 42 Club is critical to the future and long term sustainability of the IMF, and the IMP program. Without these funds, the program will fail to exist.


The generosity of all of our supporters in the lead-up to this year’s New York Marathon helped ensure that our 11 Indigenous men and women, from some of Australia’s most remote communities, defied the odds and crossed the finish line of the world’s largest marathon.


Eighty six young Indigenous Australians have now completed a major international marathon through the IMP progam and returned to their communities as beacons of inspiration, encouraging and motivating people in their communities to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.


Your generosity is contributing to changing lives. We need continue the ripple effect, continute to inspire and continue to drive change in Indigenous communities right across the country.


In addition to continuing to work with our graduates, our FrontRunners, each year we will continue to scour Australia for the next group of runners to make up our future squads.


Joining the IMF 42 Club involves committing to a regular donation of $42. You can elect to make this donation weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. You can also choose different variations; whether it be a regular donation of $21 or $84 - every little bit helps. 


As a member of the IMF 42 Club, you will receive regular updates on IMF, as well as the chance to get to know our runners and assist us in any way that you can, whether it be joining athletes on a training run, helping out with physiotherapy and massage or supporting athletes as they study for their Certificate IV in Sport and Recreation, Level 1 Recreational Running Coach Accreditation, CPR and First Aid qualifications and Mental Health First Aid.


Please sign up to the IMF 42 Club to help us continue to make a difference to the lives and the health of Indigenous Australians.


In appreciation